Newman and Newman have a number of skilled professionals with a wide range of expertise; all of whom have specialized skill sets and deal in common-sense solutions to engineering and business dilemmas. Whatever the problem is, we will develop a workable and swift solution that makes sense for your company and implement it swiftly.  No problem is too large or too small for our team of seasoned and experienced professionals.  We have a working knowledge of many industries and years of experience in real-life situations.  We specialize in out of the box creative thinking to give you a common sense workable solution to your dilemma.  We have experts in virtually every field to help you solve a problem, find new revenue sources or start a business from the first day to a soft launch to the grand opening.  Our experts make your dream of opening you own business and grabbing your piece of the American dream--a dream we believe in and strongly support!



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We are dedicated to helping you find the common sense solution that solves your dilemma and puts your company on the right track to profitability.  We have experts in every field from accounting to veterinarians, all of whom are highly competent in their fields with many years of experience in their respective fields.  We are a one-stop shop with every kind of expert you might need to take your dreams, ambitions and business where you want it to go and put the keys to your business success in your hand.

No matter what you need; from solving a situational emergency to starting your own business to recruiting key personnel, we have a expert to assist you. 

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Our main location is conveniently located in the St. Louis Missouri area.  We will travel to your location as needed and telephone and video conference for your convenience.

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